Wooden Bow Ties

Three Unique Benefits of Wooden BowTies

Let’s face it, fashion in general, is constantly changing, literally on a month by month basis in some instances.

When people think of the 70’s for instance, they think of flare bottomed jeans and trousers, yet now that type of look is literally unheard of for most people.

We all want to look our best and we all want to wear clothing that reflects our personalities and our particular character traits.

When it comes to fashion, clothing, and fashion accessories, the thing to remember is that if you like something and like the way it looks on you, then you should wear it, and not care what people think.

This season, and next for that matter, one particular fashion accessory that looks set to be huge, and one that will certainly turn a lot of heads for all of the right reasons, is the wooden bow tie. Wooden bow ties are basically exactly as they sound, a bow tie that is made from a stylish and beautifully finished cut of wood.

Here’s a look at three unique benefits associated with wooden bow ties.They’re stylish and fashionable –  Wooden bow ties come in a variety of different styles, patterns, and shapes, and go incredibly well with a variety of different clothing items. For a smart and formal look, why not pair a wooden bow tie up with a button down shirt, and perhaps even a waistcoat to go with it. The look achieved will be incredibly stylish and very smart as well. The great thing about these bow ties is that they can be used in a smart / casual way, or a more formal way, depending on the clothes that you pair them up with.

They’re easy to clean and last a lifetime – Regular bow ties look great and are still very stylish and fashionable, the only real issue with them is that they are so difficult to clean.

They’re so delicate that you can’t simply throw them into the washing machine as they’d just fall apart. Bow ties need to be dry cleaned, and unfortunately not everybody has access to dry cleaners nearby. Wooden bow ties however, are perfectly fine. If you do spill something on it, food or wine perhaps, a quick wipe with an ever so slightly damp cloth will leave it spotless. As it is wood as well, germs and smells don’t get engrained into the material, so it basically looks and smells brand constantly. To really leave it looking great, we carefully wax and polish all the products.

They’re unique and help you to stand out – Some of us want to stand out from the crowd and express ourselves in the way we dress and the way we look and that’s another reason why wooden bow ties are great.

About our premium wood bow ties:

Introducing premium wooden bow ties made from exotic hardwood and authentic British made Harris tweed

We are the only wooden bow tie company providing unique cut-out designs with perfect hand finish.

Wooden bow ties are hand – crafted in Finland, the land of the thousand lakes and forests.

Choose from classic Scadinavian knits: grey or navy or from exclusive Harris Tweed collection: Turquoise Herringbone, Cerise or Sunshine Yellow.

Classic shape, high quality and natural materials are the things that never go out of style.